Temple Audio Design

product types: 

  • effects pedal boards and cases
  • effects power supplies


In 2009, Ryan Dyck was asked to create a unique guitar effects pedalboard, leading to the creation of the first Templeboard. Recognizing its potential, Ryan dedicated himself to developing Temple Audio's offerings, growing the company to serve a global market. Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Temple Audio stands by the principle "From Artist to Artist," aiming to enhance musicians' creativity through their innovative products. Temple Audio's product evolution began with their first version, featuring true bypass with auxiliary switches and an expression dial. Subsequent versions introduced built-in true bypass loopers with various top surface designs, leading to the T17, T21, and T34 pedalboards with improved quick-release surfaces. The latest iteration, Version 3.0, showcases the Modular TEMPLEBOARD with an updated quick-release surface.

Source: Temple Audio Design website (8 March 2024)


Temple Audio Design
511 Industrial Road
Warman , SK
Saskatchewan CA