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TEN32 electric guitars are made in Denver, Colorado by Chaz Ginest. The brand launched in 2022 with 5 body models, 3 contour options per model, a component shelf option for each series, 3 different pickup configurations, 4 different neck scale lengths, 4 different bridges and 3 different headstocks. There are a large number of potential variations - but this is manageable because Ginest uses an automated modular approach & parts are interchangeable between models. Each guitar comes will a special TEN32 travel case - you can take the guitar apart (un-bolt the neck and even the headstock) and all the components and tools fit neatly into a compact backpack perfect for traveling with your guitar.

Source: TEN32 guitars website (11 September 2022)


TEN32 Guitars Denver , CO
United States
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