Terry Heilig (TLH)

product types: 

  • acoustic guitars


Terry L. Heilig (TLH Guitars) worked with wood all his life as a furniture maker, carpenter, guitar repairman and as a building contractor. Approaching his sixties, lifting heavy lumber no longer appealed to him, so he gave guitar building a try and he loved it. He began buying old guitars and restored them to their original playing condition: learning a lot about the construction of guitars in the process. Randall Kramer, a master guitar builder, also tutored him, allowing him to build in his shop, use his tools and copy his jigs and forms. Heilig prefers to build finger style acoustic guitars especially the smaller OO and OOO size.

Source: TLH Guitars website (15 February 2021)


Terry Heilig, P.O. Box 2035 96160 Truckee , CA
United States
California US