Harvey Thomas

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Harvey Thomas was a creative American guitar maker in the 1960s and 1970s. Imagine Willy Wonka had a guitar factory and you will get something close to Harvey Thomas' workshops in Midway Washington. He had a guitar-trees in his garden - Douglass firs hung with guitars like christmas trees. Mannequins were dotted around the compound in various poses. His Thomas Custom guitar models were similarly eccentric - some shaped like crosses some with double or triple necks.

Harvey performed on the local lounge circuit as a one man band : Harvey Thomas and the Infernal Music Machine. The centerpiece of this was his triple neck guitar, with a six string guitar, a twelve string guitar and a bass. The machine also had various amps, effects, flashing lights, a early drum machine and a foot operated organ.

By the 1980s Thomas was concentrating on other business activities like renovating vintage buses.

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