Thomas Humphrey

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Thomas Humphrey was an innovative American luthier who lived from 1948 to 2008. Born in St. Joseph Township, Minnesota he moved to New York City in 1970 where he apprenticed with luthier Michael Gurian. He he established his own workshop, specializing classical guitars. He made conventional guitars at first but in 1985 he conceived the Millennium which became his best known model. The  Millennium has a gently tapered body — thicker at the bottom, thinner at the neck — and a raised fretboard. This body shape, along with its unique internal bracing, gives the Millennium a loud and resonant tone. Its elevated fingerboard improves access to the upper fingerboard. The Millennium was used by David Starobin, Sergio and Odair Assad, Eliot Fisk and Sharon Isbin and Humphrey stopped making traditional style classical guitars due to its success. He licensed the design to C. F. Martin, who used it for line of guitars (including a Sting signature model).

Source: Thomas Humphrey, Guitar Designer and Maker, Is Dead at 59. Allan Kozinin. April 18, 2008. New York Times.


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