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  • electric guitars


Thomas Tietzsch-Tyler is a custom electric guitar maker, based in Sheffield, UK. Since 2015 he has been based in a workshop in Sheffield's historic Portland Works where he makes electric guitars in limited runs, builds custom instruments and does repairs and restorations. He hand winds his own pickups and is careful to  work with suppliers who deliver FSC certified timber and are actively engaged in ensuring the sustainability of the exotic species used in Luthiery. He also uses old-stock wood in his builds, collected from sources like architectural salvage and retired woodworkers. Tietzsch-Tyler's background was as an art technician, and he has studied Automotive Design and Fine Art. He also has many years experience as a guitarist in various bands - all of this feeds into his guitar building approach.
Source: Tietzsch Guitars website (30 July 2022)


Portland Works
Randall Street
S2 4SJ Sheffield
United Kingdom