product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • lap steel guitars
  • resonator guitars


Jerry Timm started his business in 1981, designing and building custom fine furniture.  His work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, galleries, and specialty shops throughout the United States.  After building over 1000 pieces of furniture of different styles and types; he built his first acoustic guitar. He found a new passion in his work. The transition from furniture designer/craftsman to luthier (around 1998) was a natural progression for Jerry. Timm Guitars use a traditional X-frame bracing, but are braced as lightly as possible. Timm Guitar necks use an U channel Martin style adjustable truss rod.  In addition, Timm guitars have a bolt on neck that  provides easy maintenance in event work needs to be done on the body or the neck. Two bolts hold the neck in place , there is no glue used.  One feature that distinguishes Timm necks from the rest of the field are Semi-Hemispherical (rounded) fret ends. Jerry Timm favoured traditional tone woods of mahogany, rosewood, and spruce; but also offered koa, maple, purple heart, and ebony options. His guitar website was inactive by 2009: over the next few years Jerry Timm moved into making golf putters offering exotic wood putters and putter stands.

Source: Timm Guitars website (archived 2007)


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