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  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Timton Custom Guitars was established in 1993 by Tim Diebert in Grand Forks, British Columbia. Diebert built his first stringed instrument in 1974, but did not make his full time living at it until 1993. In between those times he made his living building many things out of wood: boats, movie props, staircases, yacht interiors, airplane and sports car parts, fine contemporary and period furniture etc. Every Timtone instrument was designed and custom made for the end user or owner. Tim stopped making guitars in 2007, and went on to develop a fine woodworking program hosted by Okanagan College in Kelowna BC.

Source: Timtone website (12 February 2021)


Timtone Custom Guitars (CLOSED) Grand Forks , BC
British Columbia CA