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  • acoustic guitars


Ed Bond is a luthier based in Vancouver, British Columbia, who makes two lines of high quality acoustic guitars. Halcyon Guitars feature elegant and minimalist construction, honouring the natural beauty of their raw materials, and focusing all efforts on tone and playability. Tinker Guitars use rare woods and intricate details which highlight Bond’s woodworking skills.  Ed began building guitars at Larrivée Canada in 1996 and he worked his way up to become Production Manager and Quality Control Manager as well as directly supervising the assembly line.In 2002, while still with Larrivée, he started building Tinker guitars to explore his own construction ideas. In 2012 he launched Halcyon Guitars (named for the Tea Party song ‘Halcyon Days’) in an effort to bring hand built craftsmanship to a wider market.

Source: Tinker Guitars website (12 February, 2021)


Halcyon Guitars Vancover , BC
British Columbia CA