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TLL electric and arch top guitars are hand made in Sweden by Tobias Lundberg. In his youth, Tobias Lundberg frequently accompanied his father to restoration projects in the southern regions of Sweden, involving old churches and houses. Witnessing the transformation of raw wood into aesthetically pleasing creations left a lasting impression on him, fostering a deep appreciation for woodworking.

Music held a significant place in Tobias's life. At the age of fourteen, he embarked on his musical journey by learning to play the guitar. Engaging in various band setups and composing original songs became integral parts of his musical pursuits. It was the realization that he could meld his love for woodworking with music by crafting his own guitars that truly captivated him.

Tobias dedicated three years to honing his craft at Musikinstrumentakademien, where he received guidance from accomplished luthiers like Lars Rasmussen of Rasmussen Guitars and Henrik Jansson of Jansson Guitars. During his time there, he gained hands-on experience in constructing a diverse range of instruments, spanning from classical Spanish guitars to contemporary electric variants. Subsequently, he had the privilege of undertaking an apprenticeship with Otto D’Ambrosio in Providence, Rhode Island.

Having absorbed a wealth of influences, Tobias gravitated towards developing his distinctive style, centering on electric and arch top guitars. His design aesthetic draws inspiration from the elegant Art Deco motifs of the 1930s and the uncluttered forms prevalent in Scandinavian furniture and architecture.

Source: TLL Guitars website (archived 2020)


TLL Guitars