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Tucker Guitars was founded in 2000 in Hanalei, Hawaii by the trio of businessman John Tucker, John Morrall a journeyman wood craftsman and David Killingsworth a former member of the punk band Tubes. Tucker and Morrall were co-holders of a U.S. Patent covering around 20 innovations and materials used in the construction of Tucker Guitars.  It was Morrall’s suggestion to use Albizzia Falcateria, which is found around Kauai as the wood of choice for Tucker Guitars. Among the patented features of the guitar is a spline in the interior of the body of the guitar, which actually acts as a platform to which the bridge, pickups and neck all interconnect for the purposes of improved vibration.

Source: Tucker Guitars website (Archived 2005)


Tucker Guitars Hanalei , HI
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