product types: 

  • tube amplifiers
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


The Unicord company was a transformer manufacturer that bought the Amplifier Corporation of America in Westbury, New York in the early 1960s and began selling Univox branded tube amplifiers. Unicord was itself bought by Gulf + Western Oil Company in 1967 and around that time merged with Merson - (a distributor of guitars and amplifiers under the Tempo brand name) and became Merson Musical Products. In 1975 Merson & Unicord split and the Unicord name appears again in the 1976 Univox catalog. The Univox brand name was discontinued in 1978 and replaced by the Westbury brand for guitars and Stage for amplifiers. Unicord was bought by Korg in 1985.

Source: Unicord/Univox history at Vintage Univox (27 April 2018)

Source: Univox 1976 catalog


Unicord Inc., a Gulf+Western Manufacturing Company
75 Frost Street
11590 Westbury , NY
United States
New York US