USA Custom Guitars

product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars
  • bodies
  • necks


USA Custom Guitars (USACG) was formed in 2000 in Tacoma, Washington by a small group of people as a guitar neck & body maker.  In 2018 USACG expanded its operation with new machinery, upgraded capabilities and a bigger team.  Circa 2021 USACG had 4 divisions; Consumer Products, OEM Small and Medium Run, OEM Large Run, and OEM Full Build Services. By 2021 USACG was part of the MJT Guitars/MJT Aged Finishes family of companies. Everything was moved from the Pacific Northwest to Midwest.

Source: USACG website (12 May 2021)


MJT aged finishes
863 E Central Ave
64836 Carthage , MO
United States
Missouri US