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Vaccaro Guitar company was founded in 1997 by Henry Vaccaro Sr. and Henry Vaccaro Jr. as a maker of aluminum necked guitars and basses - having retained the rights to the Kramer aluminum neck patent. They stopped making guitars in 2002. The following company bio comes from their website in 2007 (the site is no longer active):

"In April of 1997, Vaccaro Guitar Company was established to propel guitar manufacturing into a new dimension through its vibrant designs and innovative manufacturing techniques. This newly formed company intends to position itself as a leading American Guitar Manufacturer by producing a unique line of guitars with its revolutionary patented V-Neck, built with the highest quality materials.

Vaccaro Guitar was born from a marriage of frustration and vision. Henry Vaccaro, Sr. and Henry Jr. saw a void in the marketplace for something new and different.

Mr. Henry Vaccaro, Sr., the Chairman of the Board of Vaccaro, is not new to the guitar industry. He was one of the original founders and partner of Kramer Music Products, Inc., a premier American guitar manufacturing company. Mr. Vaccaro served as a board member from 1976 until 1982 when he was elected Chairman of Kramer's Board of Directors. He successfully guided the company into becoming one of America's largest guitar manufacturers with sales in 1987 exceeding $15,000,000. His experience and leadership at Kramer have provided for the drive and determination necessary to bring the next guitar manufacturing super company to market.

Mr. Vaccaro, C.E.O. of the Vaccaro Guitar Co. retained the rights to the original Kramer aluminum neck patent and has spent the last 6 years redesigning and developing the new Vaccaro V-neck with renowned Luthier Dr. Phillip Petillo. This new guitar neck is the foundation for The Vaccaro Guitar Co.

Henry Vaccaro Sr. states, " I realized the potential in the old Kramer neck design, the tremendous sustain and attack generated by the aluminum, plus the neck would never warp or twist." The problem associated with it was the fact that it was too heavy and due to the exposed aluminum on the back of the neck, players felt the cold aluminum. "We set out to do away with the negatives and we succeeded! The new neck is amazing! Its weight is conventional to a bolt on neck. It delivers ringing sustain, the notes jump, plus your playing on wood because the aluminum is completely encased. The V-Neck will never warp or twist and is adjustable."

While Henry Vaccaro Sr. was developing their new guitar neck, Henry Vaccaro, Jr. President of Vaccaro, set out to design the guitars. " I was more impressed with the look of the headstock then the technical side. To me, the look has this total 50's modern vibe, way Jetsons, with 70's retro appeal. It's so unique, there's nothing out there like it!"

Stemming from a graphics and fashion background with extensive work in artist management, Henry drew from his experiences to design a line of stylistic guitars representing the influx of fashion with pop culture and modern music. "Our line will fill the void for new and exciting guitars in the marketplace" Henry's vision was to create new guitars from familiar favorites adding a new twist. "Today, sampling seems common place whether it's fashion, art, or music, even cinema. Creators and designers are looking towards the past combining various influences to create new medium, our models convey this from 50's modern 60's mod 70's kitsch and 80's new wave."

Henry was also instrumental in creating the Vaccaro image. "I've created a great image for us but it's not just image alone. We have a lot of experience. I've been versed in building my own guitars since I was 14. I've been involved with Kramer virtually all my life. My father has been involved since '76 … There's a family behind this with a lot passion and experience "

Paul Unkert, the former BC Rich General Manager and an original Kramer Guitar employee, heads the Vaccaro Guitar Company plant located in Asbury Park, NJ Paul has also worked for northeast' premiere Luthier Roger Sadowski, Guild Guitars, United Guitar, Oscar Schmidt Guitars and The Guitar Trader. " I 've known Mr. Vaccaro's track record since the beginning days at Kramer. When he approached me several years back with his new neck design I was very impressed. The instruments sounded great. I knew I wanted to be apart of it. I asked Mr. Vaccaro for a job and I'm happy he obliged, I closed my guitar shop and started working at Vaccaro. We are building top quality instruments, using the highest level components, produced by skilled craftsmen. I'm very proud to be a part of the Vaccaro team "

All Vaccaro guitars and basses (American Custom Line) are Made in the USA using the finest components Rio Grande and Seymour Duncan Pick ups, Schaller Bridges, Sperzel tuners, Hi- tech composites and beautiful woods.

The new Vaccaro guitar Co. is a perfect blend of quality, innovation, creativity, and experience! "

Source: Vaccaro Guitar Company catalog 1998

Source: Vaccaro website (archived 2007)


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