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Valeriano Bernal was born in 1938 in Algodonales, Cadiz. As a child learned wood working skills in his cousin's workshop, but went on to join the Norwegian navy. Despite this he carried on wood working and was even able to make some guitars while at sea.A naval accident off the coast of Finisterre hospitalized him and made him reconsider his naval career. He left for Belgium and in 1967 he set up his own guitar factory in Wavre outside Brussels. He returned to Spain in 1976 and established a factory in Jerez, then later returned to his home town of Algodonales. The future of Valeriano Bernal guitars is secured as he made sure to pass on his techniques and trade secrets to his son.


Guitarras Valeriano Bernal
Calle Ubrique, 8,
11680 Algodonales , CZ
Cadiz ES