Vesta Fire

Parent brand: 

product types: 

  • EQ effects
  • chorus effects
  • compression and sustain effects
  • delay effects
  • distortion effects
  • flanger effects
  • loop and sampler effects
  • multieffects
  • overdrive and boost effects
  • phase shifter effects
  • reverb effects


Vesta Fire was a brand name of the Shiino Musical Instrument Corporation (who also used the Vestax brand). Vesta Fire effects were made from around 1982 to the early 1990s. There were Vesta Fire effects pedals as well as a rack mounted modular effects system.

Source: Wikipedia Vestax


Shiino Musical Instrument Coporation
1-18-6, Wakabayashi
13 Setagaya-ku , 13
Tokyo JP

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