Walker (Kim)

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  • acoustic guitars


Kim Walker acoustic guitars are inspired by C. F. Martin’s classic pre-war period with a bit of Gibson from the 30’s and 40’s. They are not exact copies of guitars from that period, but have further refinements for the modern player - like a modern neck and finish. All Walker's guitars are made with an adjustable truss rod in the neck and have a scalloped bracing system for the tops. Walker tap tunes each guitar for maximum tone, volume, and presence.

Kim Walker started out in 1973 as a banjo and dulcimer maker. He started making flattop guitars in 1974 and in 1979 moved to Nashville to work for noted dealer George Gruhn. By 1984 he was running Gruhn’s six man repair shop. In 1986 he started making prototypes for new models for the Guild Guitar Company. In 1987 became head of the Guild R&D and custom shop. By 1988 he was the assistant plant manager.  In 1994 he started Walker Guitars making both flattop and archtop guitars. One of Walker's archtops was part of the Blue Guitars of the Chinery Collection.

Source: Walker Guitars website (5 June 2019)


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