Walter Verreydt

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Walter Verreydt is a Belgian luthier who was born in Lier in 1958. He worked as a woodwork and technical drawing teacher and in 1985 made his first classical guitar. From 1988 onwards Verreydt has taught guitar making at ‘Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw’ in Puurs, Belgium. Verreydt fostered good contacts with reknowned guitar makers like José Romanillos and Daniel Friederich. In the early 1990s he visited Rolf Eichinger's workshop in Granada many times, where he observed the Spanish guitar making traditions. He is active in scientific guitar research and also organises international competitions and conferences.

Source: Guitar Salon -  Walter Verreydt. 3 June 2021


Walter Verreydt Kessel , VAN
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