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Colin Warling began making guitars as a teenager and graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthierie in 2008. He returned home to Los Angeles to work as a repair tech at Westwood Music. In 2009 he began working in San Pedro, for Jim Ellsberry, building and developing prototypes and tools for a production-level archtop guitar.  In 2010 he was hired by Roland Belloir, to help build a new guitar shop, The Fretted Frog in Echo Park, Los Angeles.  He was the resident Luthier/sole employee. The shop moved to Pasadena in 2014. Warling left for Portland, Oregon in 2017 where he opened a small guitar shop, Taborella Music & Vintage, in 2018 with his partner, Amanda. The Covid 19 pandemic forced the closure of the shop and Warling enrolled full time as a student at Portland State University. He still makes custom guitars in his spare time.

Source: Warling Guitars website (2 July 2021)


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