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Westbury was a guitar brand name of the Unicord company, from the 1970s to the early 1980s. The Westbury brandname comes from the location of the original Unicord American distribution center in Westbury, New York.

Westbury guitars were manufactured in Japan by the Matsumoku Industrial Company, who also made guitars for Guyatone, Fujigen Gakki, Kanda Shokai, Hoshino, Nippon Gakki(Yamaha), Aria, and Norlin amongst others. Production of Westbury guitars ran from around 1978 to 1982.

Recently Charlie Francipane revived the Westbury brand name and began producing American made Westbury guitars.


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I own a westbury electric and would like to know what it might be worth.

Westbury Guitar

Westbury made three grades of guitars: standard, deluxe and custom. I also own a Westbury Deluxe. It's a sunburst, solid maple. I bought it in the early 80's when I was 16 and just learning how to play. It was used and I paid $300. From what I can tell on eBay searches I have done over the past several years, it's probably worth about the same today - most prices I have seen have been from $200 to $400.

Westbury awesome guitar I have

I got one at a pawnshop fifteen years ago for $60. It's one of the best guitars I've ever had. Plays great and stays in tune forever. It's a really solid instrument. I don't know the model number but would like to know more about it. Clear maple color. Two humbucker type pickups. It's great. Three piece set neck and I think it's a Gibson style tuno style bridge. Anyone have info?? [email protected]

westbury guitars

Not sure what its worth now,but I remember paying 165 english pounds for it back in 1978

Westbury guitar 'Standard' 1979

I own a 1979 Standard dble cutaway, similar to the SG style body just a lot smaller.  Bought it new from a place called Petro's Music back in 80. It was one of 2 he had left, a Les Paul copy and the SG . I chose the SG. They are not made of Maple, they are made of Mahogany.  I did a lot of research a few years ago just to satisfy my curiosity and settle some arguments between a few freinds. They are or were made in Japan by Matsumoku or what ever the name of that company was who made all the Law-Suit guitars from the 80's. Yes the Westbury Co. was part of the Uni-cord Corp. (NOT UNI-VOX} and the guys who started the Co. had been part of the Jim Marshall Corp.  Jim Marshall helped about 24 or 25 people in his employ get started with their own companies.  Stage, Korg, Kord and Uni-Cord were just a few of them. In their search for wood to make guitars they were having a real rough time it seemed that Gibson had pretty much bought up everything large enough to make booked bodies from. Some one hooked the up with an italian guy who made violin violas cellos and guitar necks. They search for him in italy and find he'd moved his operation to Brazil. When they finally locate him he doesn't have enough wood (Mahogany) to make bodies, but he does have a lot, quite a large stock pile.  It's all smaller pieces that could be put together to make a plank large enough to make guitar bodies from. Which is why the bodies are 5 to 7 pieces laminated/joined and the necks are 3 pieces.  They were exceptional guitars, I've had a lot of guitars in my 50 years of playing and not many have been of the same quality as my Westbury.  As far as what theyre worth, well you couldn't buy mine. Well it all depends, How much money do you have? I put a Kahler locking tremlo in it Shaler machines, new controls as well as a new DiMarzio Super Distortion pick up  All in all I think they're worth about $600 in mint condition. Haven't seen many so if you can get one my advice is BUY IT! They are rare.

Doc Wayne

Rosedale, MD