product types: 

  • Dulcimers
  • banjos
  • mandolins
  • acoustic guitars


Wildwood Banjos is a small manufacturer of high-end banjos located in Bend, Oregon that started in Arcata, California. The company was founded by Mark Platin in 1972. Their product line includes several models of both resonator and open-back banjos in styles for the traditional frailing and clawhammer style players, and classic powerful bluegrass banjos for 3 finger pickers.

Wildwood mandolins and dulcimers are distributed in Japan by Hosco and in Ireland by Muzikkon - this brand appears unrelated to Wildwood Banjos.

Wildwood acoustic guitars and mandolins are also made by Nick Carpenter in Mount Franklin, Victoria, Australia.

Source: Wildwood Banjo Company website (archived 2005)

Source: Wildwood Instruments (Australia) website (28 June 2019)


Wildwood Banjos, PO Box 4252
56771 Lunar Drive
97707 Bend , OR
United States
Oregon US