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Christopher Willcox started out as an apprentice luthier in the early 1970s in New Jersey. He moved to California in 1976 and opened his own guitar workshop in 1980. In 1988 he made the first prototype of his optical pickup system, which eventually became the LightWave pickup. This new pickup used infrared light instead of magnets and coils to sense string vibration. This eliminates the damping effect of magnets on string vibration. Willcox reincorporated his company under the name LightWave Systems in 1998 and focused solely on pickup making. A few years later, he expanded and began once again producing complete instruments using his futuristic pickup system. He has now gone back to putting his name on his instruments - Willcox Guitars.

Source: Willcox Guitars website (3 January 2018)


Wilcox Guitars
6387-A Rose Lane
93013 Carpinteria , CA
United States
California US