William Hall & Son

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  • acoustic guitars


William Hall (born 1796, New York) was an instrument maker by trade who established the firm Firth & Hall with John Firth in New York in 1821. In 1833 they were joined by Sylvanus Billings Pond and the firm was renamed Firth, Hall & Pond. In 1847 Hall left and established his own company with his son James F. Hall known as William Hall & Son. William Hall & Son published sheet music, made and sold pianos, organs, melodeons, guitars, and woodwind instruments. James Hall left in 1870 for the army and William Hall died in 1874. Willam Hall & Son was was acquired by Oliver Ditson & Co. of Boston. Guitars were stamped with " William Hall & Son, 239 Broadway, New-York 260T"

Source: IMSLP - Wm Hall & Son


William Hall and Son
239 Broadway
New York , NY
United States
New York US