Woody James

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  • electric guitars


Woody James was born James Woodruff around 1951 in Ravenna, Ohio but moved to England in 1970. While there he learned guitar making from American serviceman stationed on a near by air base. After a varied career James started making effects pedals with Old School Effects around 2007. Then he launched into a line of production guitars, first at the former Ohio Music in Kent, and then in Canton, Ohio where Gattuso’s Music Center had been selling Woody James guitars for a couple of years. In 2014 he moved into the Gattuso’s Music Center building as part of a new company called Guitar Factory. His guitars range from $499, including a hard-shell case, to $3,000. James said 80 percent of the materials in his guitars are American-made, although he gets some hardware and electrical parts from overseas. While he still builds custom guitars from scratch, the Market Avenue shop isn’t equipped for woodworking or painting. Woody James outsources the building of the production models after designing the prototypes.

Source: CantonRep.com The Luthier - Guitar Maker sets up shop in Canton. Shane Hoover. December 7, 2014


1300 Market Avenue North
Canton , OH
United States
Ohio US