product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • classical guitars
  • distortion effects
  • fuzz effects
  • compression and sustain effects


David Wren has been building guitars since the mid 1970s.  He started out as an apprentice with Jean-Claude Larrivee in 1973. During his time with Larrivee he was able to work with other talented luthiers including Grit LaskinLinda Manzer, Sergei de Jonge, Tony Duggan-Smith and George Gray. He started his own workshop in 1977 and for the next 10 years produced around 20 instruments per year. He focused on acoustic guitars ranging from his original Concert body style to Orchestra Models and Dreadnoughts, as well as hand carved archtop jazz guitars. From 1990 until 2009 he was a partner in the Twelfth Fret Guitarists’ Pro Shop in Toronto and took responsibility for their high-end acoustic guitar department as well as the store's website. He returned to building again in 2009 until his retirement in October 2020 when he stopped accepting any more orders - focusing only on warranty work and the occasional prototype.

Source: Wren Guitarworks website (24 September 2021)


Wren Guitarworks Toronto , ON
Ontario CA