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XOX Audio Tools is a new company (probably based in Italy) using carbon fiber to make guitars. At present they offer a single model, the Handle designed by Peter Solomon.



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Fantastic company. Awesome guitars!

These guys were really helpful when I was looking for information about building myself a carbon fiber guitar, which I needed for it's light weight especially due to severe back problems and failed spinal surgeries. When I told them WHY I was trying to build this, they (the owner/creator, Peter) emailed me back and said they'd like to get me a guitar for free. Well, it's almost free - I guess others in the company didn't want to give away such an expensive guitar! The result is, if ten sales happen as a result of me emailing people, posting on my websites, posting on forums - they're going to give me a guitar. I've not been able to play for almost 5 years because of my back problems and I was playing professionally before they happened. I'm really looking forward to playing again!

The "Handle" guitar that Peter designed is absolutely brilliant. Almost entirely carbon fiber with large sections notched out of the body (hence the name - it looks like it has a handle), and the remainder of the body is hollow, giving it a lot of resonance. The neck is a through-body design (although less bulky than wooden models), and doesn't even have a truss rod because the building materials are so durable and rigid that the neck will never warp. Combine all that with two hot humbucking pickups and very flexible electronics (with a secret "acoustic sound" mod in the works - and it's not a piezo bridge), this is just one all around solid guitar.

Check out www.xoxaudiotools.com for more information, and if you decide to buy - PLEASE help me out and add in the comments that Aaron sent you.

I'm new to the site here so hopefully this message isn't breaking any rules. Feel free to remove it if it does.

Thank you!


Good luck!

Thanks for the comment Aaron and good luck with your quest for a carbon fiber guitar. It is heart warming to hear that a company like XOX agreed to help you out: I hope you're back playing again soon. The XOX handle guitar looks amazing, if I had that sort of money to spare I'd get one.

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