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  • acoustic guitars
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The Yagüe brothers: Raúl  (1933 - 2014) and Ismael were luthiers from Barcelona. Their father was a cabinet maker. Raúl  studied furniture manufacturing courses at the Llotja school of arts and crafts. He also took ornamental wood carving courses. In 1951 he made his first guitar (self-taught).  The family workshop was moved to calle de Amposta, nº 27, ground floor in 1957 where the brothers continued to do cabinet work. In 1971 the brothers  started working at the MNAC (then the Museum of Romanesque Art of Catalonia)  as restorers. They restored guitars by the great makers including Antonio de Torres. They also made fine hand crafted guitars.

Source: Raúl Yagüe website (26 January 2022)


Hermanos Yagüe
calle de Amposta, 27
Barcelona , BA
Barcelona ES