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John R. Zeidler (born 1958) was a maker of archtop guitars. After graduating from high school Zeidler worked for Augostino LoPrinzi,in Rosemont, N.J. In 1977, he opened his own workshop on South Street in Philadelphia, where he made and repaired guitars and also made mandolins and violins. He moved to Wallingford, P.A. in 2000. When he was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, his fellow guitar makers (coordinated by Linda Manzer) came together in support. They made a collaborative guitar with many of Zeidler’s touches and using wood he chose. The guitar traveled across the continent to the shop of every builder - each of them adding his or her own touch to it, then passing it to the next builder. The guitar was sold to cover some of John’s medical expenses, and to help his family after he died in May 2002.

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201 W. Rose Valley Road
19086 Wallingford , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US