ZZ Ryder

product types: 

  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


ZZ Ryder guitars were made in China from around 2004 to 2008 for Stenzler Musical Instruments. The ZZ Ryder 2004 catalog describes the range as follows:

"You've entered the Eclectic Electric Guitar World of ZZ Ryder, the world's newest, most innovative guitars. These sexy guitars and basses are built to play, with hot rod electronics that let you emulate your favorite guitars at a price that you'll want to keep to yourself.

ZZ Ryder's unique guitars come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the short scale Rip your face off travel-sized (22 1/2 scale) Model 2 series to the artist acclaimed Model 3 series (24 3 4 scale).All ZZ Ryders have coil taps to let you go from a phatt,powerful humbucking to a single coil on steroids at the flip of a switch or via the push/pull potentiometers.

For the Bass Player, the McCartney influenced Lo Ryder is a light weight, short scale bass that s long on sound. The Empire ME2B is the same 30 scale with special pickups that kick the low end frequencies and drive the music like a hard tail on Saturday night. The Empire comes in a traditional 34 scale version and I'll say it again, at a price you'll want to keep to yourself. So, take a long look at the powerhouse Palladium with all the buses in the parking lot (That means 3 quad railed humbuckers ouch!) or the finesseful virtuoso, Mary Jane and for sure you'll want to check out the Empire with its string through the body tailplate or optional whammy bar.

They re all just awesome guitars waiting to take you to the stratosphere and beyond. You've got to feel and hear the difference the Compact Mass Loaded Headstock, the Zero Fret and the monster electronics make in these great guitars.The Renegade V-6 , inspired by Kenny Marquez,guitarist extraordinaire, and a whole selection of right hand challenged (Left Handed) models of guitars and basses have added depth to the line. If these guitars don't convince you that the music comes from your fingertips and the pickups (NOT from the overpriced decal on the headstock!) then you're not a ZZ Ryder player. We really hope you are."

Source: ZZ Ryder webpage & catalog (archived 2004)