Brian Eastwood Bender Distortorcastor

  • Brian Eastwood leopard skin finished bender distortorcaster
    animal print finished bender distortorcaster
  • Brian Eastwood pacific blue bender distortorcaster with dolphin decal viewed from front
    blue bender distortorcaster
  • Brian Eastwood pacific blue bender distortorcaster  viewed from side
    blue bender distortorcaster


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  • electric guitars

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The body is constructed from synthetic moulded halves bonded to a full-length central core of obeche. This method provides strength, reduces weight and ensures manufacturing consistency. The all-maple neck incorporates a fully-adjustable truss-rod and, in addition to the various optical distortions, features a lateral twist to aid string-bending in the higher positions Armstrong 'Vintage' single-coils are fitted as standard, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the real thing. The centre unit is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum-cancelling operation when combined with neck or bridge pickups. The middle control progressively blends centre and bridge pickups in series-humbucker mode, providing high-powered tonal variation. The other two controls comprise master volume and tone.

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