• Charvel 650XL professional electric guitar
    Charvel 650XL professional electric guitar
  • Charvel 650XL (650 Custom)
  • Charvel 650 custom electric guitar
    Charvel 650 custom electric guitar


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1988 to 1991

CHARVEL made the 650 XL Professional between 1988 and 1991.

The 650 XL Professional was a custom version of the 550XL. This guitar used the same active pickups and circuitry as the Classic Series 475 Special model. The additional middle position pickup further increased the tonal variations. Jackson (shark tooth) pearl inlays and a bound rosewood fingerboard further enhanced its appearance.

Black hardware includes a Floyd Rose licensed double locking tremolo, two J200 bi-level humbuckers at the neck, middle position and one J50-BC humbucker at the bridge. Controls are three knobs: master volume and two tone knobs and a five-way pickup switch.

Finish options were snow white, pearl blue, pearl red, magenta, platinum, desert crackle and metallic black, with matching headstock and body.

(Source 1989 Jackson/Charvel catalog).

In the 1991 Jackson/Charvel catalog the 650 model is described as the 650 Custom (see second photo above): this model has neck-through "Soloist" construction, with JE-1200 active midboost circuitry. It was endorsed by Hank Decken of the band Nevada Beach.


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2002$300.00goodExellent Guitar. I would never sell it for less than $500. Most days, i would not sell it for $500.
2012$1000goodBurtoI wouldnt sell mine. Not for $3000 aus which i have seen them listed at. Its not uncommon too see them listed at $2500. The build quality on these guitars is amazingly good. The action is low as hell. And smooth on all notes. No buzzing. So easy to play. My guitar teacher had one when teaching me. And he followed that up with a usa jackson soloist. And the charvel was the better guitar all round. I found mine on ebay. Its a metallic blue colour. Looks black until you get it in the light. Im always looking for a white one. For the right price lol.

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CHARVEL 650 (XL / CUSTOM) reviewed by Burto

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One of ny fav guitars. Although made in japan not the usa this guitar kicks most usa models to the curb. Increasingly harder to get. Action is the lowest ive ever seen. And every note sings. The neck is c shaped modern and u can easily access any note or chord. The tremolo is the original german made schaller and is as good as or better than any floyd rose. I put this guitar on par with the usa pro soloist models. Its that good. I used too drool at the one my guitar teacher used when i was just a teenager probably 14 year old in 1992. They sold for $1149 dollars new in 1989. I found one the same as my hero my guitar teachers in 2012. Paid $1000 for it. I now see them listed from $2000 to $4000 depending on the condition. I wouldnt sell mine for less than $5000 and that may seem harsh but its worth that to me. As id have to replace it with a usa jackson soloist. And id still regret selling it. Basically if u find one at the right price buy it. You wont be dissapointed.

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What is the difference?

What is the difference between the 650xl professional and the 650xl contemporay?  I have noticed some are active pickups and some are not. I have a Charvel 650xl with active pickups. Serial number C000546.  I love this axe! I bought it in 1990. I would love to learn more about it. I can be reached at [email protected]  Thank You for your time.


I don't think there was a 650 XL contemporary series model, but there was a 650 Custom. I have updated the 650 page and deleted the 650 contemporary page. This model should have been in the Charvel professional series - so I have moved it!