1999 aria pro 2 model help

I bought new in 1999, it is les Paul shaped body, 3 Duncan hr-101 pickups, three coil taps, 3x3 tuners and Floyd rose tremelo and bridge. Nickel hardware, pickups are double coil and slender. Made in Korea, serial number S990912xx. I have search the net and called Aria distbutors and no one has seen this model. Any help is appreciated. I will post some pics soon


I'd help

Here's a bad pic. It's Behind the Les PaulAria LP

Aria PE with Floyd Rose


It is one of the Aria PE series of guitars, the closest I can find is the PE-LTD model (it was in the 1998 catalog) - but this is different to yours as it only has 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers and a Wilkinson VS-50 tremolo.

Link: Aria PE-LTD

There is a current model called the PE-SUPRA with a locking tremolo - but only 2 pickups,



Thanks, I will get some pics tomorrow , maybe that will help.

I paid $500 in 1999, retail

I paid $500 in 1999, retail as $699, it that helps narrow it down

Aria PE with Floyd Rose

Sorry Brian I'm stumped - I'll keep looking and hopefully someone else might be able to help


Yeah, me too and I bought it

Yeah, me too and I bought it new, it's like a riddle wrapped in an enigma ! Thanks for continueing the search, someone out there knows!

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Sadly I don't know the model

Sadly I don't know the model of this guitar, but it looks awesome. I could recommend you to look up this guitar on Youtube, there may be other people playing it so you can ask them in the comments. Other than that, I could ask advice from a local luthier who is much more experienced than me. Let me know. You can hit me up on twitter https://twitter.com/AlanJackman4 or on my website www.beginnerguitar.pro. Glad to help.