VOX STROLLER #first-generation

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Pictures from online auction - July 2010


Gary Barber

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The Stroller and the Clubman were the first guitars made by the Vox company. Introduced around 1960, the one pickup Stroller and two pickup Clubman were made for Vox by an Essex cabinetmaker. The first generation (like this one) had a single cutaway body shape, with a three a side head stock. Later models had a Stratocaster body shape and six-in-a-row headstock (although the pickup and controls were the same).

The Stroller had a sycamore neck, but without a truss rod so light strings are essential. Also they came with a small jack plug which many owners upgraded to a standard jack plug.

It was a low budget guitar at the time - apparent from its basic construction and thin body. But it looks great and should be of great interest to Vox collectors.

It sold for £149 in July 2010 on eBay.



I'm the new owner of this guitar. Gary Barber from the band 'Is Tropical'. It's an absolute beast. who wants to buy it????


I think you got a bargain - one of the first ever Vox guitars, made in the UK, a piece of guitar history for £150! I don't know much about these, but the strat shaped one's seem much more common, so the single cutaway shape ones have to be more desirable.

Do you mean beast in a good way or bad way??

Vox Stroller guitar

Hi, have you still got this guitar? I am interested in obtaining it.