GUILD X-82 NOVA #LL100127

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Rich Riley

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Purchased this Guild Nova at a yard sale in Hinkley Ohio for $80.00 which included the hard case


Is this for sale?

Hello Rich, you have a great guitar there Buddy. I own 5 of these guitars but not a single pickup optioned one, I'd love to add it to my collection and play it. If you'd like to sell it, at a profit of course, lol, contact me at

. Thank you for your time!

Guild X-82 NOVA

That's a beautiful guitar.  I found this site during the process of doing research for my own Guild Nova that I aquired years ago at a pawn shop.  I was just curious about the value of it.  I can see by the serial number that yours must be a particularly rare one, as it shows up under the 'prototype' tab.  That's pretty cool.  As near as I can tell, mine is a regular production NOVA.  It's an '81 and it's the 31st one ever made.  I think it's been repainted and looks like it's been played.  I'm very curious what the history of it is.  Oh, also, mine came with the original hard case.  It's alligator skin in the shape of the guitar.  Pretty cheesy, but cool for the time.