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  • electric guitars

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1999 to 2003

FERNANDES made the first RAVEN ELITE between 1999 and 2003. The Fernandes Raven Elite has a double cutaway maple and mahogany body with a bolt-on maple neck. The rosewood fingerboard has dot position markers and 24 large frets. Scale length is 24.75 inches.

Pickups are a Fernandes sustainer driver single coil pickup in the neck position and high output humbucker in the bridge position. These pickups are controlled by volume and tone controls, and selector switches for sustainer on/off, sustainer intensity and sustainer mode.

Hardware is finished in black with Gotoh tuners and a Wilkinson tremelo bridge. The Raven elite was available in metallic black satin finish, dark green metallic, or black burst finish.


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RE: Fernandes Raven Elite

2003 as 1st yr of production is in error - I have an '02  :)


Thanks for spotting this, it was discontinued not introduced in 2003 - I have changed it now.

For sale

I had my raven elite stolen and have been looking for one to buy for years. I know this is a very old post , but if u happen to still have one and want to sell please please let me know! Thanks

Raven Elite

I have 2 raven Elites I'm looking to sell.  One's a tobacco busrt from '99 in pristine condition and the other is a 2003 Black Satin.  They won't be cheap.  Let me know if you want to make an offer before I list.