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1984 to 1993

The D68 SW was a Washburn Dreadnought with a solid spruce top (bound with maple) with rosewood back and sides, bound with maple/rosewood. It had a mahogany neck (with rosewood fingerboard inlaid with pearl dots). The bridge was ebony. The headstock has the Washburn logo inlaid in abalone into a rosewood veneer. Tuners were diecast chrome with pearloid plastic buttons. It came in natural finish only. Production started in the mid 1980s but by 1994 Washburn had stopped making this model.

This was a reasonably expensive guitar: it would have cost you over $1000 to buy one new. According to the Washburn archives, the list price was $1500 for D-68S in 1993.


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1985$800newThis was a great instrument tonally, appointments, and workmanship. It was a wonderful guitar to play. Balanced, clear. and rich. If you have one, don't let it go. I did, and I've been kicking myself ever since. Been looking for another one ever since!
2014$850.00excellentBrian A MartinThis guitar has no fret wear, no scratches even on the pick guard. This guitar is in excellent condition!
2003£200wornterrywhats the value now
1998$350excellentwas dropped and split on the back bottom but repaired. repair is visible. Now has neck wear and needs fret repair.
2018$850goodjohnBeautifully built and sounds fantastic with DR Veritas strings. Probably paid a bit too much as there is fret wear and fingerboard wear but no heavy scratching or dings.

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WASHBURN D68 S W HARVEST reviewed by C. J. Camp, Seattle, WA

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As I write this, this guitar is 38 years old but it's in excellent condition with only one really noticable ding on the top near the bridge. I'm guessing that someone left the guitar in an open case on the floor (BAD IDEA!) and something heavy got dropped on it. It seems as though this was Washburn Guitar's attempt at competing with Martin, Taylor, Collings, etc. The result was a guitar that is VERY HIGH QUALITY in looks, build, and sound. With the three-piece back, it looks a lot like a Martin D-35 and sounds wonderful like the D-35. Unfortunately, people who want a Martin want a Martin and I guess these didn't sell as well as was hoped. Too bad for Washburn, but great for anyone lucky enough to stumble into one. They are very hard to find but a treasure when you do, so GRAB IT! I've been playing for over 40 years and this is one of the best guitars I have ever owned. Deep, rich bass, sparkling highs, and well-balanced, with a strong middle. A great instrument by any standard!

WASHBURN D68 S W HARVEST reviewed by David Fontane

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The D68swn is a fantastic guitar. Very responsive and has a lively sound. The guitar is in good condition with no issues, i love the neck too as it ia very comfortable in the hand. Yamaki made these guitars up until 83-84 so its a mystery who built them after this date. These are no longer made now, so pricing is likely to go up for models in this range. The pickguard is made from Brazillian rosewood, so if exporting then a cites certificate would be needed. Overall a lovely guitar, with a beautiful sound. Made extremely well with incredible specifications.

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D-68 sw For Sale

I have one of the above  which is probably the most lively toned  guitar I ve owned. must part with it. Has saddle PU and sound hole MIC including out board pre-amp which blend the two PU's. CALL: 307-752-2779. OR Email l.lull@yahoo.com for Info. Thanks Larry In Wyoming  PS. I also have a Timber Ridge Custom vintage guitar maybe late seventies or early eighties. solid wood. Spruce top and Ovanokal back and sides. bothe of these guitars are very touch sensitive yet the Harvest is warmer and more lively due to the thin braces.

Washburn D68SW Harvest

I know this post is eight years old but I saw one of these in the Seattle area. It is selling for $550 + tax and looks to be in very good condition. It is extremely hard to find any info on these guitars. Apparently they are VERY rare. Would you suggest I buy it?

Clint (



Yes buy it!