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    Sigma DM1


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Manufacture of the Sigma DM-1 dreadnought acoustic began in 1996. The headstock has a "Sigma Guitars by Martin & Co." decal. The Sigma DM-1B is identical to the DM-1 except that it features a Solid Black Gloss Finish on the Body and Top, an Ebonized Rosewood Bridge, and White Bridge Pins

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40.75 × 15.75 × 4.75 in
Finish colorsblack finish, natural finish
Made inKorea
Number of strings6 strings


Body back materialmahogany body back
Body sides materialmahogany body sides
Body styledreadnought-size body
Body top materialspruce body top
Pickguard materialblack pickguard
Soundhole rosette3-stripe rosette
Soundholeround soundhole


Body fretNeck joins body at 14th fret
Neck width1.75 inches wide at nut
Number of frets20 fret
Tuner layoutthree-each-side


Bridge pinsblack pins
Bridgerosewood bridge
Hardware colorchrome hardware
Tunersenclosed tuners


Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers

Prices (11)

2016$95excellentstclara1bought at guitar center 5/2/16; had just came in on trading up; took it to the high end acoustic room full of martins and gibsons; had 2 different gentleman try it out and they both in a blind test stated they loved the tone, the light action, and the great length of reverb- they were both overwhelmed when they saw it listed for $89.95! will be looking to add more of these to my growing collection in the coming years. what value, what sound!!!
2011$269goodGuitar is in excellent condition GWp
2011$269goodGuitar is in excellent condition GWp
2018$55goodTabithabought it at the pawn shop for $55, missing the E-hi string, but will be getting new strings soon, i just love the richness and clarity of the sound it brings. Model DM-1 serial NO. 93050040

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SIGMA DM-1 reviewed by Anonymous

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Bought this lefty guitar second handed in the 90' in The Hague (Netherlands) in a shop called Feedback, I think for about 100 USD. Sounds great, with good detail, en well balanced. Sounds even greater with Elixer strings! Also good playability, stable neck, and well built. I change the bridge plastic bone for real bone (brighter sound and better sustain), and lower the action of the strings. Erwin E.

SIGMA DM-1 reviewed by Doctor ink

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Who ever the person putting this information about the DM-1 Korea acoustic was not started in 96. Sigma started in 1970, in Japan. Later in '73 they moved to Korea. They used the style in guitars in Korea, before changing to u.s style. Soon they would be shipped to America and looked over before sent to music stores from Martin & Co. The Dm-1 was introduced in '76 and has been on and off until mass produced in 1996.

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The headstock doesnt say that...

I have a Sigma DM-1B with the headstock saying "Sigma Guitars  EST. 1970" not what you have.

DM 1 N name on headstock

I also have a DM 1 N that says "Sigma Guitars EST. 1970". Why is this different than others. Any idea what it is worth if in great condition?