GIBSON CL-35 Deluxe (Cutaway)

  • Gibson CL-35 Deluxe Cutaway acoustic guitar
    Gibson CL-35 Deluxe Cutaway


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1997 to 1998

GIBSON made the CL-35 Deluxe Cutaway between 1997 and 1998. It was the single cutaway version of the CL30.

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Finish effectsantique finish
Made inUSA
Number of strings6 strings


Body shape featuressingle cutaway

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1997$900newPaulVery ,very good condition, wounderful long lasting sound, I was looking for years to find this sound
1998$1500newI have been gigging and recording with this guitar for twenty years, and it is an exceptionally reliable and great sounding guitar. It has only gotten better with age.

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I have been playing this guitar in various bands (both live and in the studio) for the last twenty years, and it is a sturdy and reliable guitar. It is a wonderful and versatile instrument with a terrific warmth to it, and its design makes lead work exceptionally comfortable up and down the neck. I regularly get compliments on its appearance, sound, and feel from others who play it. I believe it is an underrated and undervalued guitar because it was in production such a short time and is not well known, but I highly recommend the CL-35 Deluxe to anyone who can find one.

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Gibson cl35 delux

I own one. It's the best playing and sounding guitar I've ever played. It's easier to play than most electrics. I think you have the dates of manufacture incorrect. The serial number on mine indicates it was manufactured in 1995.

CL-35 Deluxe Cutaway

Robert - the dates are correct. They were only made for 2 years - 1997-1998. If your serial number indicates manufacture in 1995, you do not have a CL-35 Deluxe Cutaway. I own the 35th instrument that came off the line on March 16, 1998. Serial #90758035.


I purchased mine new in early 99 at a Gibson dealer.
SN 90229017 indicates it was made 22 Jan 1999 no 17.
It says CL-35 DELUXE on the tag inside the guitar and the same SN is stamped on the back of the neck too. It has the cut away and all the 35 trimmings on it too.. According a Gibson Guitar list on this web page Gibson made some in 99 and my SN and shows that. I'm not a 2nd hand owner I'm the original new owner from a Gibson dealer. I see the 97-98 dates thrown out a lot but I question them now.

Gibson Acoustic Cl-35 cutaway deluxe

1998 March completed date....I have owned this guitar since September 2004. Like new when I bought. Since then I played it  at least 10 hrs a week. I never will get over the warmth of this guitar...Easy fret and quick neck...Music styles CCR, Don Gibson, Elvis, all forms of Gospel and Bluegrass, Hank (Senior)...Perfect lead guitar and classical styles..If you can find one buy it. You are not very likely to find one that lived in a closet.