product types: 

  • acoustic guitars
  • bass guitars
  • electric guitars


Spear is a South Korean guitar brand offering electric, acoustic and bass guitars.


SPHK Corporation
Ga Dong 706-5 Dukyi Dong Ilsan Seo -Ku
Goyand-SI Guingggi Do.
South Korea

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Spear Gladius, Hardtail, Through Neck in Spalted Maple/Mahogany

I recently bought one used and I am quite impressed with the quality of build and materials.a 5 peice maple and mahogany through body neck, nice slabs of spalted flame maple caps on the body cheeks, 2 High Output pick ups 12.12k Bridge, 11.41k Neck with a 5 way switch giving you coil tap option in the 2&4 positions. Great action and playability all the way up the 24 Frets. wink