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Fender Born in the USA advert

This Fender advert from 1988 highlights some of the tweaks made to the design of the USA Standard Stratocaster in the 1980s - like a new design tremolo, TBX tone control and 9.5" radius fingerboard.

BORN IN THE USA The new USA Standard Stratocaster.
The curves, contours and sound of the original are still there but the Standard Stratocaster uses new innovations to bring you a guitar for the 80s. A new-design fulcrum tremelo system gives you a ‘live’ authentic sound but with improved feel and tuning stability. A 9.5"radius fingerboard lets you bend strings further while the unique TBX tone control lets you get more from the 3 single-coil pick ups.
No longer a dream - The USA Standard Strat is here.
Available with maple neck or rosewood fingerboard and optional moulded case.  
Prices start at £429.00 Inc. VAT


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