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In the 1950s the Sonata brand name appeared on a range of archtop acousic guitars. These were typically made by Harmony of Chicago.

In recent years the Sonata brand has also been used on acoustic and electric guitars, probably made in the Far East. These include the YS series of acoustic models.

Link: Harmony made Sonata archtop acoustic guitars


Sonata Resonator Guitar

I have a steel bodied single cone o style Sonata Resonator Guitar. The only idenification I can find is the headstock logo. My luthier has dismanted the cone to reset the bridge and have not found any other markings. Any info on this guitar would be greatly apprieciated. It is in prime condition and sounds awesome.

regards- Greg - Australia

Sonata Dreadnought

There is a dreadnought guitar with a Sonata label, made in Korea, and says Sonata on headstock.

Léro bass guitar

When lero made p bass with single maxon bass pickup tnx


I have a Sonata solid body sunburst electric made in Korea, approximately 2005ish(Les Paul copy...kinda, it has a slight altered body...guessing to avoid copyright). Have not seen others. Great guitar, added Gibson pickups,