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Kimbara is the brand name used on a series of n classical, steel strung, and electric guitars and basses made for UK instrument distributer Fletcher, Coppock and Newman (FCN) Music. The brand name was first registered on the 2nd of January 1968 and the guitar production involved FCN Music commissioning guitars from various different factories across the Far East. Initially guitars were produced in Japan, then in the late 1980s guitars were sourced from Korea, and in the late 1990s instrument production moved to factories in China. The price of a Kimbara guitar puts it in the 'budget' range of guitars (The 8/Y model was available from 1977-1990 and its last UK RRP was £186.00). But they were nonetheless attractively designed, well made, and had surprisingly good tone for the price. In 2012 FCN ceased trading.

Source: FCN Music website (archived 2012)


FCN Music
Melody House Wealden Business Park Farningham Road
United Kingdom

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Kimbara guitars

I have a Kimbara classical guitar. Made under license in Korea for FCN-England. Model number C-870. Can you tell me what year manufactored and current price please?
Thank you R. Miles.

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