Save as File Type Blank

Hey!I wanted a little help. I have the same problem a lot of users seem to be
having. After clicking on export and mentioning the units..the "save as"
thing..the file type is blank. Even after i tried the new plug-in nothing seems
to work.I really want to use this feature coz it'll make work easier for me.


"Save as" type

Hi there,
The "save as file type" box is always blank, it is a bug in the Sketchup's Ruby API, it won't let me specify file types in the drop down box.

However, it shouldn't affect the file saving - just type your filename into the file name box with the correct extension (either .DXF or .STL).
If this still doesn't work contact me and we can try to find the root of the problem.


Doesnt work

Your plugin doesnt work.

Cant save as .dxf or .stl



Try this

I have heard of issues saving files with other sketchup plugins, some won't save unless the file already exists. What you could try is first creating a blank text file (call it "file.dxf" or whatever), and then save to this file using the plugin.

Certificate Trust List?

Hi, I've just downloaded the lastest plugin to use with SketchUp 7. I'm
having some issues saving a model as .stl. When I save it, I get a file
called 'Certificate Trust List'. I've tried creating a text file and
saving over, but the file remains as a text file. I can export a .dxf, but unfortunately I need to use .stl.

Is there something obvious that I'm doing wrong?

STL file extension

The .STL file extension is used for a number of file types (more than just the stereolithography 3D STL file). I think Windows thinks your file is Certificate Trust List file, used for Web security which also has the extension .STL. When I double click on an STL file I also get the certificate trust list message. There are two solutions. You could change the default application for opening STL files in windows. Or more easily you could first open your graphics / CAD / CAM application then open your STL file through this.

So I think your STL file is fine, Windows is just trying to open it with the wrong application. What application did you want to use your STL file in? Try importing it into Sketchup


skp to dxf

it doesn't work on my computer

type file is blank

and when i save there is nothing saved

an idee ?


File saving issue

The "file type box"  should not be the problem: it is always blank as there is no way to control it (or hide it) via the Sketchup Ruby script.

I think the problem has to be something else - can you describe your system in more detail? Are there any special characters in your filenames or directories (like ą, ż, ź, ć, ń, ó, ł)?