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Sano was formed as an accordion company in 1951 in New Jersey by Nick Sano, an accordion player; Joe Zonfrilli, an electronics technician; and Lou Iorio (Zonfrilli's brother-in-law) a music teacher.  Stanley Michael provided electronics consultancy services to Sano but was not officially part of the company. Michael developed an accordion pickup for Sano around 1951 and in 1953 Jack Gentul joined the company as an electronics designer. From 1953 until 1964 Gentul designed the circuits for all Sano's tube amplifiers. Being primarily an accordion company Sano's tube amps were initially voiced to fit accordions and vocal microphones but soon they developed amps for guitars as well. Sano mainly made amps under their own brand name, but they also made  Hohner and Excelsior branded amps. Sano amps are developing a reputation as an affordable option for great vintage tone. Sano also sold guitars - these were imported from Italy and Japan.

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Sano Corporation
1281 Springfield Avenue
Irvington , NJ
United States
New Jersey US


Sano guitars

I have a friend who has a Sadio~sano acoustic guitar. I am thinking bnb it is rare but can't find anything about them online. I assume it's made in Italy. Actually I am assuming everything about it so far. Does anyone know anything about this name?

Classical guitar Sano

I have one as well. Anyone here with some info?

Sano - Artist guitar, Model no.340 (Japan)



Sano acoustic guitar

I also have a Sano acoustic guitar I can not find anything out about. On the sticker inside the body it says
Dreadnought Guitar
Model #200
Made in Japan under strict quality control
SSSound Co. LTD
Then there is a 6 digit number stamped on one of the wood ribs inside. Which I am assuming it's a serial number. Would like to be able to post a couple pics.