• Sigma DR-7, acoustic dreadnought guitar, early model with zero fret
    Sigma DR-7
  • Sigma DR-7, acoustic dreadnought guitar, later model
    Sigma DR-7


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  • acoustic guitars

Dates of manufacture: 

1970 to 1979

Spruce top. Matched rosewood back and sides. Back and sides have black and white binding. Rosewood overlay on peghead. Peghead bound in white. Adjustable truss rod through peghead from 1970 through 1979. Rosewood fingerboard. Adjustable rosewood bridge. Pearl inlay position markers on fingerboard. High gloss lacquer finish. Early models have a zero fret and capital letters SIGMA logo on the peghead with a Greek Σ (capital sigma). Later ones do not have the zero fret and have "Sigma Guitars est. 1970" on the peghead and may have mahogany back and sides.

Specifications (16)


Made inJapan
Bindingwhite binding
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length25.4 inches scale-length


Body back materialrosewood body back
Body sides materialrosewood body sides
Body styledreadnought-size body
Pickguard materialblack pickguard
Soundholeround soundhole


Body fretNeck joins body at 14th fret
Neck width1.71 inches wide at nut
Number of frets20 fret
Nutzero fret at the nut
Tuner layoutthree-each-side


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers

Prices (37)

1970$120.00goodtom bserial number starts with the number 7
1977$380.00excellentDanielbought this guitar while stationed in New York City with the United States Coast Guard.....still looks and sounds fantastic!
1983$400.00newIt's in excellent condition. It has rosewood sides and the back and a spruce top. I was trying to find out what it's worth serial number is 082081. It play's great. And a great guitar.
1978$200goodThis is an excellent sounding guitar.Action is right on.Has inlay stripe in center back like D28.Looks like D28.Rrj16
1978$200goodSome finger board wear. Has been kept in hard shell case.Humidifier used.knock straight.Action is great.Sounds like a cannon.y
2016$240.00goodTGDR-7S that's a great player
2016$239.00goodTGGreat guitar with some signs of use and a few very minor dings that don't alter the tone.
2003$1poorMark chausseeFound the guitar fixed it replaced nut and bridge bar and pegs. Amazing sound easy to play and priced right.
2009$15.00gooddoublnickelThis is a Sigma DR7 ser.#5056
2017$220goodHas number 282448 or 810017. Is one of these numbers the serial number. Est.1970. Also do you have a picture of one.
1982$100wornbluzartuning pegs replaced w/ grover. electrictrified.
1976£95newJohnBought in Ivor Mairants guitar shop in London April 1976
1980300 NLG new
1977$200.newRickWhite label, DR-7S Sigma/ CF Martin Serial number 4214 made in Japan
1990$75goodHojoeCouple of minor dings, sounds great
200875 BEF newNi

Reviews (4)

SIGMA DR-7 reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Extraordinaire guitare, malheureusement extrêmement rare.

SIGMA DR-7 reviewed by Guitar King

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I bought a Martin Sigma DR7 in my youth in 1978 brand new in a music store. I wrote hundreds of songs on that guitar through the years, took it on the road through all types of weather conditions, took it in the studio. Always loved the sound, loved the simple look, loved the reliability and integrity of the instrument. Love the recorded sound - great transparency with great presence low to high. Now I have acquired 2 more DR7's on the used market. Though I own much more expensive guitars now, the DR7 is always like running into an old friend - someone you can count on and someone who always has your back. The DR7 is great for beginners, great for pros, great instrument to create and be inspired on. Sometimes in life things come along for a little while that are special. The DR7 fits into that class.

SIGMA DR-7 reviewed by GbASS

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I purchased a 1979 MIJ DR-7 a few years ago. It was in almost new shape, with a little finger wear on the fretboard, had no belly bulge, and sounded good with old strings as it was, but I took it to a skilled luthier and had a bone nut and saddle installed, neck stabilized (even though it was solid, he told me), and a setup. He told me that I had a nice guitar, and was impressed with it. I installed D'ddario 80/20 custom-light strings. Wow. It sounds as good as a lot of 60-70 era Martin D28's and D35's I have played, with a shimmering bright, well-balanced tone, and LOUD!. I use 11's so that I can hear myself sing. I have also played a few other Sigmas that did not sound close to this one. I guess age and care has a lot to do with final sound. If you can get a good one, have it inspected and set up by a competent luthier, and you will not be disappointed.

SIGMA DR-7 reviewed by SD

Average: 1 (1 vote)
This is a 1970 SIGMA DR-7 made in Japan. Although it doesn't say that on the label. I assume it was made there. It is one of the first ever SIGMA MARTINS. Has a zero fret which is a great indication it was a 1st year model. The serial # is very Low. I have yet to see a lower one online. It has SOLID INDIAN ROSEWOOD BACK & SIDES. Solid Spruce Top. It sounds great like any other Vintage Martin from the late 60's early 70's. These guitars if you are lucky enough to find one compete with any Vintage Martin from that era. They were made right. The headstock inlay appears Brazilian. These DR-7 Rosewoods are quite possibly the best Sleepers around in the fake Vintage Guitar world. Where Dealers charge a fortune for Guitars of this quality.

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Sigma DR-7

I just picked up a very early rare old Sigma DR-7 guitar. The serial number is 5560 On the label it doesn't even say MADE IN JAPAN. Though I'm sure it was. The Back and Sides are SOLID ROSEWOOD. It has the "ZERO" fret also making this one of the First ever made SIGMAS. It sounds just like an early 70's Martin D-28. A keeper for sure.

Sigma D-7

I bought this in 1979 new, and it's an OK guitar.  I paid $199, and that's more than it's worth today.  It certainly didn't compare to my solid sitka topped Yamahas that I bought for that price.

Sigma DR 7S

I have a 1977 Sigma DR 7S serial number 4214 which was hand made before they started making them with machines in 1979. Like to know the value.


Hello. Do you by chance know the history of my Sigma? To the best of my knowledge, I bought it when I started my first job which would have been around 1977 or 78. I bought it new. It's a model 52S DR-7 and the serial number is 14974. Do you know what the original retail price was and is mine hand made? Also, what is the Martin equivalent of this model? D-18 or D-28? Thank you.