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  • solid state amplifiers
  • acoustic guitars
  • electric guitars


The AHED company was established in the early 1970s when Phil Anderson amalgamated the various divisions of Arc Sound Company into one corporation called AHED Music Corporation Ltd. (Arc Home Entertainment Diversified). AHED sold musical instruments  pianos, organs and guitars, through Mr Music stores but were best known for their GBX, Taurus and Darius amplifiers. AHED ceased operations in 1986 due to the slow Canadian economy and changes in the music industry.

Source: History of ARC Sound Company (2 February 2018)


AHED / ARC Musical Instruments
111 Bermondsey Road
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA


my acoustic magenta guitar

i have a question,for staff at Ahed,i purchased a magenta(gibson hummingbird)replica in the mid 70's,and recently had some work done to it ,it sounds amazing,being that its handmade,i wanna know the actual year it was made ,if possible,thanks,the serial#is-200136,a reply would be grateful,thanks,it was my first guitar,and survived many kitchen parties,thanks

steve lutley,,halifax.n.s.

DANA branded Telecaster with Zero fret .

i have very recently purchased this . Not yet delivered . i am used to the confusing world of Vintage Japanese Guitars . Please , do you have Any idea of the Original maker of these , the pickups, etc. - Thank You Very Much !Dana Telecaster 1960s - Tri burst image 1


magenta acoustic guitar/year made

i just recently send a message,but forgot to leave my contact info,i realized i didnt send from email address,

my address is [email protected]/



thanks,steve lutley