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WestCreek Guitars is an affordable electric guitar brand. The brand is owned by Weifang Hengyi musical instrument Co., Ltd who registered the WestCreek Guitars trademark in August 2022. Circa 2023 there were at least 3 electric guitar models: an LP DC Junior model ($120), the Revenge Explorer style ($220) and a semi-hollow bodied 333 model ($180). 2024 saw continued expansion of the line-up with more models and variations - with fancier versions approaching the $300 price point.

Source: USPTO Trademark Search


Block A, Luwei Youth Apartment, No. 4358
Beigong East Street Yuanfei
261000 Weifang , 37
Shandong CN


Guitar case

I’m trying to buy a case for the WestCreek 333 electric guitar but I keep buying them but they are too small. What number case should I buy for this guitar?

Great Guitar for the bucks

I got my hands on a West Creek D/C in white, and I am very pleased with this instrument. Well made, feels good in your hands. Nice neck, with awesome polished frets, smooth clean rounded fret ends. The single P90 is clean and clear, with punch at the bottom. Gives the goods when you throw in some dirt.

Guitar case 333


They sent me a pickle!

I just recently purchased the Revenge model from Amazon, and it is unplayable! I tried to set the intonation, and it was not possible due to buzzing frets and a mal-adjusted truss rod. I had great hopes for this guitar due to the good reviews on YouTube and Amazon. Now I regret it, This was my birthday gift, and now I'm feeling burnt.

I've bought guitars from way

I've bought guitars from way more expensive brands that I had to set up and adjust the truss rod on after shipping, it's really not that uncommon considering the varying environments they're stored in along the way. Considering the price of the guitar I'd say it's well worth to have someone set it up for you if you can't do it yourself (adjusting the truss rod isn't dangerous or hard, there's plenty of youtube videos on it).