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The birdfish is an extrodinary instrument, representing a fresh look a guitar design. It is perhaps one of the most adjustable designs out there, you can tweak almost anything about the design: the components are bolted onto a central metal frame and can easily be swapped. On this guitar you can change the pickups without even having to take the strings off!

The neck is 25.5 inch scale length, made from bird's eye maple, with a maple fingerboard. There is no headstock, instead regular strings are clamped at the end of the neck using small lever mechanisms. There are two cylindrical resonators, which Teuffel claims are fundamental to the sound of the guitar. These resonators are made from wood are can be exchanged presumably to get different tonal qualities.The pickups completely adjustable and easily exchanged using a screw connection. The birdfish comes with two singlecoils and three humbuckers.

Perhaps the most unusual part of the design is the polished cast metal frame that holds the components together. Teuffel calls the two parts of the frame the bird and the fish respectively. The electronic controls are housed in a discrete pod. The dynamic range of the controls is adjustable to suit the player's style. The 5-way pickup selector is like a Strat selector.

A midi version of the birdfish is available, using an RMC piezo bridge and a RMC Polydrive controller. The standard birdfish can be upgraded into a midi birdfish at any time by swapping bridges.

Teuffel guitars sell for between $6000 and £12000, with a waiting list of around 9 months.

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I own a Birdfish

I recently took delivery of a Birdfish - the MIDI version, and what a fantastic instrument it is. Everything about it feels right and the variety in tone is fantastic. What I really like is the amount of treble I get out of the pickups. I find myself having to turn down the treble quite frequently, which is something I rarely do with my other guitars.


I hope i can make someone happy with this i am selling a good part of my Guitar Collection including a TEUFFEL BIRDFISH. For all the Lovers of Guitars i have put a Gallery with pictures up onto a site which you find here http://www.ivanscala.com - all the best