Exporting option

I added the file so that i can export as an .stl file but i can't find the option in the program. where is it?


In the Tools menu

After copying this file, start Sketchup and you should now have an extra menu option (Export to DXF or STL) in the Sketchup Tools menu. After you click this make sure you select STL option in the drop down box for file-type.

Let's try and solve this

OK a few questions, which directory did you copy the plugin to? Also are you using Mac or PC, and which Sketchup version?


I am using a mac. it's

I am using a mac. it's version 7.1 and i just copied it into the plugins folder.

I'm stumped

The Mac plugins folder should be somewhere like:

/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 7/SketchUp/Plugins

If the plugin is in there and it still doesn't work I'm stumped.

I don't have a Mac myself, but I know people are using this plugin on a Mac.

Anyone have any ideas?


Revised location for plugins MAC

I tried the plugin in /Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 7/SketchUp/Plugins and it didn't work. However, put one copy of the skp_to_dxf.rb in this folder.

Put another copy in this location:

Go to your Applications folder, right click/control click Google SketchUp 7, select Show Package Contents

A new window should pop up starting with folder Contents.

Select the Plugins within that folder and place skp_to_dxf.rb there. Restart SketchUp. You should now find Export to DXF or STL under the Tools menu.

You need the plugin in both places for it to work.