Washburn Tanglewood #P92236

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Photos from online auction December 2009



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This is a Washburn Tanglewood acoustic electric guitar. The serial numbers found in the sound hole are P92236 with "George Washburn," "Tanglewood"  and the Washburn mark with the guitar burned in.  The material surrounding the knobs is made of wood. The one knob is the Equalizer, with Treble and Bass indicated, with arrows facing in opposite directions. The other knob is Gain, with arrows the same indicating High and Low. All lettering is in gold. The tuning keys have the George Washburn insignia on each one.  It has an oval sound hole and Florentine cut-away.  The fingerboard has snowflake inlays.

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Washburn Tanglewood 12 (circa 1980ish

Where can I get one? They are rare. Shoot me a note at